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sex in wrong turn 4 bloody beginnings

             Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings

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                                                                                                                                                                      Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings

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Directed byDeclan O'Brien
Produced byErik Feig
Robert Kulzer
Written byKharen Salonga
StarringJenny Pudavick
Tenika Davis
Kaitlyn Wong
Terra Vnesa
Music byClaude Foisy
CinematographyMichael Marshall
Editing byStein Myhrstad
StudioSummit Entertainment
Constantin Film
Distributed byTwentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment
Release date(s)October 17, 2011 (2011-10-17)[1]
Running time91 minutes
CountryUnited States
Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings is an American slasher film and the fourth installment in the Wrong Turn horror/slasher franchise that began with Wrong Turn then continued with Dead End, and Left for Dead. The fourth film serves as a prequel to the previous three. It was released straight to DVD/Blu-ray Disc in October 2011.[1]



[edit] Plot

In 1974 at the Glenville Sanatorium, Dr. Brendan Ryan (Arne Mcpherson) is showing a local psychiatrist, Dr. Ann McQuaid (Kristen Harris), around the psychiatric hospital and shows her three young cannibals: Three-Finger, Saw-Tooth & One-Eye. Before they leave, the cannibals escape and set the other patients free in the hospital. The cannibals then murder Dr. Ryan & Dr. McQuaid.
In 2003, Kenia (Jenny Pudavick), lesbian couple Sara (Tenika Davis) and Bridget (Kaitlyn Wong), along with their friends Claire (Samantha Kendrick), Jenna (Terra Vnesa), Lauren (Ali Tataryn), and their boyfriends Kyle (Victor Zinck, Jr.), Vincent (Sean Skene), and Daniel (Dean Armstrong) are gone snowmobiling, heading to their friend Porter's cabin in the mountains. Before they get there, they get lost in the snowstorm forcing them to find shelter in the abandoned Glenville Sanatorium. Little do they know, the three cannibals are hiding out in the sanatorium and murdering trespassers.
The teenagers explore the asylum, and decide to wait out the storm. Lauren remembers about the sanatorium and the cannibals, but her friends don't believe her before going to sleep. Vincent, suffering from insomnia, began strolling around the asylum. After finding Porter's corpse, Saw-Tooth stabs Vincent in the head with a dissecting needle. As the storm doesn't stop, the others split into two groups to look for Vincent. While searching for him, Jenna witnesses the cannibals butchering Porter's body, and runs back to tell the others. After finding Porter's severed head, Claire is caught by a strip of barb-wire and lifted up to the balcony. Kyle attempts to save her, but the cannibals pull Claire tighter, decapitating her. The group begin to flee, but the cannibals had stripped off their spark plug wires on their snowmobiles. As a result, Lauren sets off to ski down the mountain to retrieve help.
When returning to the sanatorium, the group barricades themselves in the doctor's office. Sara, Daniel, and Kyle went to the basement to find more weapons. After finding an arsenal of knives and other tools, they run back to the others but the cannibals grab Daniel and eat him alive. The group devise a plan to catch the cannibals. After the girls find the spark plugs from their snowmobiles, the cannibals attack Kyle. After the girls return to the doctor's office, one of the cannibals appears wearing a potato sack and the girls stab him to death, but the person they killed was revealed to be Kyle; the cannibals had cut his tongue out, leaving him helpless to speak. The cannibals then begin to chase the girls to the attic. They run back down to the main floor and escape through a window but Jenna is killed before she can get out. Kenia, Sara, and Bridget begin to escape on their snowmobiles, but the cannibals attack and kill Bridget, while Kenia is wounded.
After morning passes and Lauren dies from the storm, One Eye begins chasing Kenia on the snowmobile, but Sara hits him with a branch. The two then board the snowmobile and began to drive off but they run into a barbwire fence, decapitating them both. Three Finger picks up their heads and puts them in the tow truck. He gets in the tow truck with the other cannibals and drives off.

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